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How to Make an Old Dog Happy

Olivier Lagalisse

Caring for elderly and infirm dogs – the book you need.

Mad About the Dog

Belinda Harley

When Belinda Harley finds herself adopted by a stray dog on a Greek island, she finds her life and her heart changed…

The Way of the Panda

Henry Nicholls

The extraordinary impact of the panda – from obscurity to fame – a story of China's transition from shy beginnings to centre stage

Seasons of Life

Leon Kreitzman

The new world of chronobiology is popular science at its most exciting: understanding how the seasons regulate the life of every human, plant and anim…

Born to Run

Christopher McDougall

'A fascinating and inspiring true adventure story … destined to become a classic.' Ranulph FiennesA New York Times bestseller and word of…

Don't Sleep, There are Snakes

Daniel Everett

'An astonishing book: a work of exploration, into the most distant place and language, but also a revelation of the way language is shaped by tho…

Japan Through the Looking Glass

Alan MacFarlane

Intelligent and engaging … an excellent book for anyone with an interest in Japanese culture.

Palestinian Walks

Raja Shehadeh

Winner of the Orwell Prize for Political Writing 2008

In Search of Kazakhstan

Christopher Robbins

Borat has got it all wrong. Kazakhstan is far more interesting and entertaining than he'd have us believe. In fact it's probably the most su…

Magic and Mystery in Tibet

Alexandra David-Neel

The classic account of a woman's extraordinary journey to Tibet

Gilbert White

Richard Mabey

Richard Mabey tells the enthralling story of Britain's first ecologist

Vivaldi's Venice

Patrick Barbier

Vivaldi and Venice are entwined. Vivaldi was the most influential composer, and the leading violinist, of his age and spent most of his life in Venice…

Whisky and Scotland

Neil M. Gunn

The classic celebration of malt whisky and its creators


John Fisher

A guide to training your dog that builds on their innate behaviours and talents.

Showing 94 results