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She Comes First

Ian Kerner

An indispensable guide for straight men by an expert sex therapist

Menopause: The One-Stop Guide

Kathy Abernethy

A practical guide to understanding and living with the menopause – endorsed by the British Menopause Society

Manage Your Pain

Michael Nicholas

Expert advice on living with chronic pain from specialist doctors and nurses

Out of Your Mind

Alan Watts

Six key lessons drawn from deep study of Zen Buddhism, from the leading interpreter of Eastern philosophy and religion for a Western audience.

Need for the Bike

Paul Fournel

A cycling classic: witty and insightful truths of bikes and riding

Understanding and Responding to Self-Harm

Allan House

A clear, warm, and practical guide to counter the sense of fear and isolation that surrounds self-harm.

Chasing the Sun

Linda Geddes

The full story of how our relationship with light shapes our health, productivity and mood

Living with Buildings

Iain Sinclair

One of Britain's finest writers embarks on a journey to explore the relationship between our health and the buildings that surround us


Gavin Francis

Stories from the GP's waiting room, brought lyrically to life by the bestselling author of Adventures in Human Being


Penelope Ody

A guide to tumeric's therapeutic properties and an evaluation of how it can improve health.

The Carer's Bible

Amanda Waring

The Carer's Bible is an invaluable, inspiring guide to how to give your loved one the best possible care while addressing the anxieties that all…


Bella Bathurst

An astonishing personal journey from hearing to deafness and back again helps Bella Bathurst explore what sound, listening and silence mean to us

In Therapy

Susie Orbach


Change the Story of Your Health

Carl Greer

A practical guide for using journaling and expanding your awareness to better your physical health.

Weed, The User's Guide

David Schmader

A funny and informative guide to using marijuana, from writer and performer David Schmader


Harold Reitman

Three perspectives – those of a parent, a teacher and a young person living with Asperger's – that offer practical tools and strategies for manag…

Notes on Blindness

John Hull

A unique and moving account of one man coming to terms with losing his sight – the film adaptation received 3 BAFTA nominations including Best British…

Dementia: What You Need to Know

June Andrews

The international edition of a practical guide to dealing with dementia for anyone affected, by a world-leading expert

In Therapy

Susie Orbach

World-renowned therapist Susie Orbach reveals what really goes on in therapy – as heard on Radio 4

Do Parents Matter?

Robert A. LeVine

Are modern parents obsessed with raising perfect children? Are they missing the bigger picture? Parents can only affect their children to a limited ex…

Showing 132 results