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Kangaroo Babies

Nathalie Charpak

A revolutionary way to care for newborn babies: a natural approach to mothering, supported by extensive scientific research.


Philippa Waring

Lavender is one of the most versatile and beneficial plants known to herbalists. This informative and practical book describes the plant's manifol…

Mountains Beyond Mountains

Tracy Kidder

One man's fight to save lives in Haiti and everywhere

Down Syndrome

Cliff Cunningham

The definitive book on Down Syndrome in children.

Smoke Free in 30 Days

Daniel F. Seidman

You can quit smoking in a month by combining medication with psychology.

Body Count

Peter Gill

With 20 million dead and another 40 million infected, AIDS is the world's worst epidemic, but the catastrophe could have been prevented. This book…

Tired But Wired

Nerina Ramlakhan

How to overcome your sleep problems: the essential sleep toolkit.

Born to Run

Christopher McDougall

'A fascinating and inspiring true adventure story … destined to become a classic.' Ranulph FiennesA New York Times bestseller and word of mo…

The Gift of Dyslexia

Ronald D. Davis

A breakthrough book that gives dyslexics the key to literacy – for sufferers of dyslexia, and their parents, teachers and loved ones


Dr. Amanda Kirby

This informative and practical guide to dyspraxia helps parents and teachers to encourage and support children to improve their motor skills

The Hay Diet Made Easy

Jackie Habgood

The companion book to Get Well with the Hay Diet.

Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy

Eric Berne

The classic psychoanalysis text by Dr Eric Berne.

Listening Helpfully

Jeanne Ellin

A valuable guide for all those working in the helping professions

Rescuing the 'Inner Child'

Penny Parks

A psychotherapist and abuse survivor's accessible guide to inner child therapy.

Gestalt Therapy

Frederick S. Perls

The classic text on Gestalt Therapy, one of the most important studies of self-awareness

Person to Person

Wilson Van Dusen

A humanistic approach to attacking the problems encountered in today's society; a key book in the quest for personal growth and human understandin…

The Art of Counselling

Rollo May

An indispensable guide for anyone engaged in counselling, or interested in understanding the inner workings of personality.

Function of the Orgasm

Wilhelm Reich

One of the most important books of the last century in our understanding of human sexuality.

Man's Search for Himself

Rollo May

This book shows how heightened awareness can be used as a stepping stone to a sense of joy, freedom and love.

Showing 99 results