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The Rise of Rome

Kathryn Lomas

A fresh, original account of the origins and rise of the ancient world's greatest imperial power

A Heavy Reckoning

Emily Mayhew

No-holds-barred, powerful medical non-fiction from the bleeding edge of medicine and war: out now in paperback

The Greedy Queen

Annie Gray

Full of original research, Annie Gray's first book considers Britain's most iconic monarch from a new perspective, telling the history of Br…

The Russian Revolution

Sean McMeekin

The first major new history of the Russian Revolution in a decade combines cutting-edge scholarship and a fast-paced narrative to shed new light on a…

Giro d'Italia

Colin O'Brien

The full, rich story of the legendary Giro d'Italia, published to celebrate its 100th edition

Imperial Triumph

Michael Kulikowski

Two hundred years of Roman imperial politics and power brought to life in an action-packed narrative

Mafia Life

Federico Varese

A compelling account of life inside the mafia, from a leading academic: out now in paperback

History Repeating

Sam Wilkin

The laws of political turmoil laid bare in five astonishing stories

The Dawn of Christianity

Robert C. Knapp

Robert Knapp finds a new answer to the old question: why did Christianity take root and spread in the ancient Roman world?

Civilisations: How Do We Look / The Eye of Faith

Mary Beard

Companion to the BBC series CIVILISATIONS

The Moor's Last Stand

Elizabeth Drayson

A thrilling account of the life of Spain's last Moorish king and the ending of seven centuries of Spanish Islam

The Day a Team Died

Frank Taylor

An eye-witness account of the Munich air crash of February 6th 1958, when 8 members of the Manchester United team were killed. First published in 1983…

Nella Last's War

Richard Broad

A classic of wartime literature…highly engaging, very moving. All Home Front life is here, especially the kitchen sink

The Stones of Christ Church

Judith Curthoys

A lively account of the architecture and construction of Oxford's grandest college over the last 500 years

Telling Tales in Greek

Lorna Robinson

An engaging guide to ancient Greece, narrated by the sly hero Odysseus.


Susan Southard

Chosen as one of the Washington Post's most notable nonfiction books of 2015, Nagasaki tells the neglected story of life after nuclear war

China at War

Hans van de Ven

An authoritative account of the brutal wars that wracked China between 1937 and 1952, including China's war with Japan, the Chinese Civil War, and…

Voices from the Front

Peter Hart

The First World War in the words of the men who fought it, from the author of Gallipoli and The Great War.

Shrinking Violets

Joe Moran

Come on, don't be shy: pick up this outstanding cultural history of shyness from the brilliant Joe Moran

The French Revolution

Ian Davidson

A clear and fast-paced account of how and why the French Revolution descended into the Terror

Showing 220 results