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Pinkoes and Traitors

Jean Seaton

A dramatic and revealing history of the BBC during some of its most turbulent and testing years – now fully revised

The Poet's Tale

Paul Strohm

How a single year turned Chaucer into a poet, and sparked the creation of The Canterbury Tales. Now available in paperback.

Christmas Carols

Andrew Gant

Here's something to set you singing this Christmas – a history of twenty odd carols in a beautiful edition. An ideal Christmas book gift.

The Heineken Story

Barbara Smit

A heady blend of brewery battles and family drama that refreshes the parts other business stories cannot reach

Adventures in Stationery

James Ward

From Bronze Age India to a Surrey Stationers via pencil wars and accidental inventions: a hilarious insight into the familiar yet unexpectedly bizarre…

Belles and Whistles

Andrew Martin

The bestselling author of Underground, Overground recaptures the glamour of a lost age of rail travel and trains by travelling Britain's most fam…

The Rosetta Stone

John Ray

The Rosetta Stone has been in the British Museum for 200 years and is the single most visited object in the entire collection. A pharaoh's forgot…

How to Manage Your Slaves by Marcus Sidonius Falx

Jerry Toner

An entertaining and amazingly informative guide to the realities of slavery in ancient Rome, with an introduction by Mary Beard


David Dickson

How Dublin grew from Viking settlement to capital city of Ireland: a one-of-its kind comprehensive history of one of the most popular cities in the wo…

War: What is it good for?

Ian Morris

A bold and controversial rethinking of the role of war in human history and how it will shape our future, sure to provoke debate, from the bestselling…

The Dark Box

John Cornwell

The sacred and profane history of confession in the Catholic Church, with a shocking new exposé of its role in the child abuse scandals of the tw…

Acts of Union and Disunion

Linda Colley

Based on a 15-part BBC Radio 4 series: What has held the United Kingdom together – and what is driving it apart? Includes analysis of the 2014 Scottis…

The Great Indoors

Ben Highmore

A field guide to the private life of the family home in the twentieth century: a social, cultural and personal history.

The Weir Group

William Viscount Weir

The classic account of an international engineering industry leader's development, from the Victorian era to the present day.

The Gods of Olympus: A History

Barbara Graziosi

The afterlife of the classical gods: how they travelled the world, shaped our history and culture, and turned up in the strangest places, from Chinese…

The War that Ended Peace

Margaret MacMillan

The definitive history of the political, cultural, military and personal forces which shaped Europe's path to the Great War – now in paperback.

The Dreamer's Dictionary

Stearn Robinson

An ideal bedside companion to anyone who wakes up wanting to understand their dreams

Mr Selden's Map of China

Timothy Brook

Forensic history at its best: an ancient map reveals the origins of world trade, and surprising twists in China's history. Now available in paper…

Armchair Nation

Joe Moran

The story of television and how it has changed our lives – from the moon landings to the X Factor.

Medici Money

Tim Parks

Tim Parks proves a delightful guide to both the Florentine Renaissance and the family history of one of Europe's greatest dynasties. In Medici Mo…

Showing 216 results