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Voices from the Front

Peter Hart

The First World War in the words of the men who fought it, from the author of Gallipoli and The Great War.

Telling Tales in Greek

Lorna Robinson

An engaging guide to ancient Greece, narrated by the sly hero Odysseus.

Shrinking Violets

Joe Moran

Come on, don't be shy: pick up this outstanding cultural history of shyness from the brilliant Joe Moran

The French Revolution

Ian Davidson

A clear and fast-paced account of how and why the French Revolution descended into the Terror

Boots on the Ground

Richard Dannatt

A vivid and fascinating account of Britain and her Army since 1945, told by the former head of the British Army

The Quest For Mary Magdalene

Michael Haag

An illuminating and controversial exploration of Mary Magdalene, from the New Testament to the The Da Vinci Code

History's People

Margaret MacMillan

From the author of The War That Ended Peace: vivid accounts of the men and women who shaped history

Pinkoes and Traitors

Jean Seaton

A dramatic and revealing history of the BBC during some of its most turbulent and testing years – now fully revised

Eat Me

Bill Schutt

At last, something to really get your teeth into: an entertaining, informative and gruesome look at the world's greatest taboo.

Release Your Inner Roman by Marcus Sidonius Falx

Jerry Toner

After his acclaimed How to Manage your Slaves, Marcus Sidonius Falx returns with a guide to self-fulfilment the Roman way

Christmas Carols

Andrew Gant

Here's something to set you singing this Christmas – a history of twenty odd carols in a beautiful edition. An ideal Christmas book gift.

O Sing unto the Lord

Andrew Gant

The biography of a quintessentially English tradition by one of its leading scholars and proponents

The Railways

Simon Bradley

An extraordinary social history of Britain's rail networks and its people, that will appeal to railway enthusiasts, commuters and everyone else w…

Making a Point

David Crystal

The triumphant third volume in David Crystal's classic series on the English language combines the first history of English punctuation with a co…

The Book of Human Emotions

Tiffany Watt Smith

Now available in paperback: let Tiffany Watt Smith guide you through the history, politics, art, literature and philosophy of 156 emotions from around…

Historically Inevitable?

Tony Brenton

The essential analysis of the events leading up to October 1917 and beyond, by the world's foremost experts of Russian history

Life's Greatest Secret

Matthew Cobb

This thrilling account shows how discovering DNA has fundamentally influenced the way we think of life and affected every aspect of our lives. Now ava…

Zero Hour

Jolyon Fenwick

A haunting photographic record of the Somme battlefield as it looks today

In the Bonesetter's Waiting Room

Aarathi Prasad

The first comprehensive history of medicine in India – now available in paperback

Crusade and Jihad

Malcolm Lambert

Malcolm Lambert's investigation of the medieval origins of crusade and jihad casts a clear light on their contemporary meanings in the West and M…

Showing 244 results