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Shakespeare: Ideas in Profile

Paul Edmondson

A short introduction to Shakespeare by expert Paul Edmondson


Tom Buk-Swienty

The fast-paced history of the little-known war between Germany and Denmark which shaped a century, told for the first time – now a BBC drama

Adventures in Stationery

James Ward

From Bronze Age India to a Surrey Stationers via pencil wars and accidental inventions: a hilarious insight into the familiar yet unexpectedly bizarre…

War: What is it good for?

Ian Morris

A bold and controversial rethinking of the role of war in human history and how it will shape our future, sure to provoke debate, from the bestselling…

The Lion Wakes

David Kynaston

Authoritative and accessible up-to-date history of a banking giant

Mr Selden's Map of China

Timothy Brook

Forensic history at its best: an ancient map reveals the origins of world trade, and surprising twists in China's history. Now available in paper…

The Dark Box

John Cornwell

The sacred and profane history of confession in the Catholic Church, with a shocking new exposé of its role in the child abuse scandals of the tw…

Armchair Nation

Joe Moran

The story of television and how it has changed our lives – from the moon landings to the X Factor.

The Heineken Story

Barbara Smit

A heady blend of brewery battles and family drama that refreshes the parts other business stories cannot reach

Riddle of the Labyrinth

Margalit Fox

The full story of the race to decipher the world's greatest puzzle, now in paperback.

The War On Heresy

R. I. Moore

A passionate history of the war on heresy which dominated medieval Europe, now available in paperback.

The Tragedy of the Templars

Michael Haag

A controversial and illuminating new study of the Templars and the Crusader States – now in paperback.

The War that Ended Peace

Margaret MacMillan

The definitive history of the political, cultural, military and personal forces which shaped Europe's path to the Great War – now in paperback.

The Society of Timid Souls

Polly Morland

An inspiring investigation of courage in all its forms, from battlefields and bullrings to earthquakes and opera houses.

Events, Dear Boy, Events

Ruth Winstone

Brings twentieth-century British politics vividly to life and reveals perspectives on the tumultuous events it sought to control, the changes it resis…

Confronting the Classics

Mary Beard

Mary Beard takes us on an exhilarating journey through the extraordinary riches of the classical heritage, and why it still matters.


David Hendy

Orwell Prize-nominated David Hendy explores the role of sound, noise and listening in 100,000 years of human history, now in paperback.

The Great War: 1914-1918

Peter Hart

A masterful history of the First World War, covering all areas and explaining the technology and tactics that determined its course: now in paperback…

Acts of Union and Disunion

Linda Colley

Based on a 15-part BBC Radio 4 series: What has held the United Kingdom together – and what is driving it apart? Includes analysis of the 2014 Scottis…

The Great Indoors

Ben Highmore

A field guide to the private life of the family home in the twentieth century: a social, cultural and personal history.

Showing 233 results