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A Grand Tour of the Roman Empire by Marcus Sidonius Falx

Jerry Toner

The first ever travel guide to the Roman Empire.

At Close Range

Peter Hart

A British Band of Brothers: a thrilling account of the Second World War, told through the eyes of a regiment who fought at battles from Tobruk to the…

The Gun, the Ship and the Pen

Linda Colley

Award-winning historian Linda Colley re-examines the making of the modern world through the advance of written constitutions.

Five Straight Lines

Andrew Gant

A sweeping and lively account from a master of the subject


Ruth Ben-Ghiat

A leading academic exposes the historical and cultural contexts which allow political strongmen to thrive


Margaret MacMillan

How the human history of conflict has transformed the world we live in – for good and evil.

Art of the Extreme 1905-1914

Philip Hook

The ten most revolutionary years in art ever, covered by former Sotheby's director Philip Hook.

Ruin and Renewal

Paul Betts

A major new history of post-war Europe

The Handshake

Ella Al-Shamahi

This quirky and engaging history reveals the secrets of one of our most ancient social gestures

Stride Toward Freedom

Martin Luther King

The inspiring account of the march towards American Civil Rights, as told by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Active Measures

Thomas Rid

This startling history of secret psychological operations traces the century-long rise of organized deception from the Russian Revolution to contempor…

All Against All

Paul Jankowski

How ideas moved the world from post-war to pre-war once more

Great State

Timothy Brook

The last eight centuries of China's relationship with the world told through the eyes of traders, invaders, civil servants, visionaries, and trai…

Imperial Tragedy

Michael Kulikowski

Two hundred years of Roman imperial politics and power brought to life in an action-packed narrative

Britain at Bay

Alan Allport

Power. Glory. Death. Courage. How well do we know the story of the Second World War?

Escape from Earth

Fraser MacDonald

Lies, spies, sex-magic and socialism: the secret history of the first American rocket in space


Emily Cockayne

An original exploration of all the ordinary, extraordinary and totally mad things we've thrown out and redeemed through the ages

The Gravediggers

Hauke Friederichs

A thrilling day-by-day account of the final months of the Weimar Republic, documenting the collapse of democracy in Germany and Hitler's frighteni…

Cult of Progress

David Olusoga

Companion to the BBC series CIVILISATIONS

The Origin of Empire

David Potter

Capturing the pivotal moment when Rome transformed from a republic to a world empire, spanning over three hundred action-packed years

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